“I just started my first corporate role but I don't know how to stand out as a high performer”

When you start out as a new graduate, you are made to complete a bunch of boring eLearning modules and compliance training.

And then you're told that you will learn everything else on the job.

Sounds great – except that learning on the job sucks. It doesn't work.

The problem is that:

You don't know what you need to learn, so you end up learning crap that you don’t really need and missing important skills that you should really know.
Nobody else truly cares about your development, so they never carve out the time to mentor you properly.
You’re too busy churning through your day-to-day work as fast a humanly possible, so there's no time to learn new skills comprehensively.
The right learning opportunities may never come your way, no matter how patient you are or how long you wait.

So here's the truth:

If you sit around passively waiting to learn things on the job, then you’ll find yourself frustrated and disappointed in your lifeless career.

Meanwhile, you’ll watch on with envy as your more proactive peers earn admiration and praise from management, and are promoted way ahead of you.

You'll end up like this guy:

What if you learned skills right now that you knew would make you the superstar grad?

If you had the right skillset, then:

You could stop worrying about getting the right development opportunities because you don’t need them.
You could stop stressing about receiving negative feedback from your manager because there won’t be any.
You could stop watching your colleagues advance ahead of you because you’ll be the star performer.

And most of all, you could simply demonstrate your skills to your manager, and earn that top performance rating and fast-tracked promotion.

The 3-Week Career Accelerator for New Graduates

A bunch of ex-strategy consultants got together and designed the training that we wished we had

A few years ago, I caught up with some ex-consulting colleagues for after-work drinks at a city bar.

...and after many Espresso Martinis (ahem) an idea was born. 🍸

Since we had moved into management, we quickly realized that most of our team members lacked fundamental corporate skills and it was holding them back.

It wasn’t their fault. They simply weren’t offered the right training early in their careers.

So for the next few hours, we debated the core skills that every new grad should learn.

Specifically, we wanted to identify the high-value skills that take you from a “naive new grad” to the top talent program.

These are things like problem-solving, structured thinking, Excel modeling, storytelling with PowerPoint, and executive communication.

And from there spawned the 3 Week Career Accelerator for New Graduates.

You'll learn repeatable, scientific processes that you can apply in any situation at work

The systems, techniques, and processes you'll learn in the Career Accelerator have been developed and perfected over decades by top consulting firms like McKinsey & Co, BCG, and Bain & Co.

Yes, I said processes.

It's the least sexy word in the world, but the right processes will empower you with the correct "next step" for any business situation:

  • You'll never be given a problem by your manager and think where do I even start!?
  • You'll never stare at a blank PowerPoint slide canvas and not know what to build.
  • You'll never build an Excel model and doubt whether your analysis is accurate.
  • You'll never share your recommendations with an executive and worry that you missed something.

See? Processes are awesome. 😎

No boring eLearning modules. We’ll work through a real-world project together, live on video calls

Here’s what the Career Accelerator won’t do: it won’t lecture at you.

In fact, that's gotta be the worst way to learn. It's no different than finding some crappy eLearning module, where you skip to the quiz at the end and guess the answers.

(Yes we all do it. 😉)

Instead of that, we will work through a super instructive real-world case study together. Just like Harvard Business School’s famous case method.

Not only will you immediately apply the things that you’ve just learned, but you can also ask questions and get advice in real-time.

Over 3 x 90-minute live workshops, we’ll take that real-world case study, work it through end-to-end, and learn new skills as we do it.

Here's what we'll cover:

Week 1. McKinsey's Hypothesis-Based Problem Solving Method

In this workshop, you'll be introduced to Prestige Worldwide, the organization at the center of our case study.

Prestige Worldwide is having a serious profitability problem. They are bleeding money! But they don't know why.

In this workshop, you will apply McKinsey's hypothesis-based problem solving method to break down the problem in a logical and structured manner. You'll end up with a comprehensive list of every potential cause of Prestige Worldwide's profitability problem.

You'll learn how to:

  • Turn an ambiguous request from your manager into a clearly defined problem statement.
  • Use a repeatable scientific process to break down any business problem into specific hypotheses.
  • Validate your problem break down using the MECE principle to ensure that you don't miss any hypotheses.
  • Prioritize and test each hypothesis to identify the optimal solution.

By the end of this workshop, you will have a repeatable methodology that you can use to break down and solve business problems. You'll feel confident solving any problem, no matter how complex or ambiguous.

Week 2. Structured Excel Modelling and Analysis

In the last workshop, you learned that Prestige Worldwide has a profitability problem. Then you used a scientific approach to break down the problem into an comprehensive list of hypotheses.

Now it's time to test those hypotheses.

In this workshop, you'll design and build a fully-functioning Excel model that uses multiple data sources to test your hypotheses. And you'll uncover the true cause of Prestige Worldwide's profitability problem.

You'll learn how to:

  • Plan an model on paper to validate with your manager before you ever open up Excel.
  • Turn a blank page into an advanced multi-worksheet model that follows corporate best practices.
  • Structure your Excel model in way that is logical, annotated, and easy to follow.
  • Triangulate the outputs of your model with third-party data to ensure that your conclusions are accurate.

By the end of this workshop, you'll have the skills to design and build Excel models for any business situation. You'll have advanced quantitative modelling skills, just like an investment banker.

Week 3. Persuasive Presentations and Storytelling

In the last workshop, you built an Excel model to test a number of hypotheses that might have been causing Prestige Worldwide's profitability problem. 

And now that you have found the root causes of the profitability problem, it's time to communicate your findings using the corporate tool of choice: PowerPoint.

In this workshop, you'll build a PowerPoint slide deck that is designed to persuade an executive audience to accept your findings and action your recommendations. It'll be just like those from top-tier strategy consultants at McKinsey, BCG and Bain.

You'll learn how to:

  • Structure your slide deck for executive audiences using the Pyramid Principle.
  • Craft a compelling storyline that persuades your audience to agree with your recommendation
  • Build consulting-quality PowerPoint slides using the "blueprint method".
  • Always know the perfect chart of visualization to communicate your findings.

By the end of this workshop, you'll have a repeatable method to build executive-ready presentations that are guaranteed to hit the mark. Your slides will be clear, comprehensive, and persuasive.

We're running a 85% discounted pilot cohort soon, only 10 slots available so join the waitlist now

For a limited time only, you have a rare opportunity to enroll in the Career Accelerator for a fraction of the normal price. 

We are running a pilot cohort to validate our case study, test our teaching methods, and gather feedback on the course. 

But don't worry -- we take it very seriously. 

We're yet to finalize the price, but it'll be something around the $150-250 mark (a bargain for 3 live workshops over 4.5 hours!)

You'll get everything that's included in the final version of the course. This includes all the live workshops and course materials, and all updates forever.

Plus, this also includes all the PowerPoint templates, pre-built Excel models, and cheatsheets that we will build for the final version of the program. They are all yours!

To notified about the pilot cohort and get the opportunity to join when it goes live, drop your email down below.

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