Value Proposition & Go-To-Market Toolkit

132 PowerPoint Slides | 23 Excel Sheets | 38 Frameworks

★★★★★ 4.9 (33 reviews)

Templates, tools, frameworks, and storylines to create a value proposition and go-to-market for your own organization or client.

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What's in this toolkit?

A detailed end-to-end presentation and storyline to develop a value proposition and pricing strategy
132 consulting-quality slides and templates that you can use in your deliverables (+25 NEW)
23 Excel models and calculators to simplify analysis, modelling, and forecasting
38 of the most powerful frameworks and tools used by consultants in their own projects
Real-world insights and supporting data to support your arguments

Don’t build go-to-market strategies from scratch, this toolkit will help you:

  • Identify the most attractive customer segments in your market
  • Define personas for each of your customer segments based on demographics, psychographics and behaviorals
  • Capture customer needs using desktop research, surveys, customer interviews, and observational studies
  • Ideate new product ideas based on customer needs using the SCAMPER Methodology and the New-Old Matrix
  • Prioritize product ideas and identify those with the highest likelihood of success using the DVF Framework
  • Deliver the product using the 6-stage product development process: discover, define, plan, deliver and adopt
  • Position the product uniquely in the market using a 3-stage positioning methodology
  • Understand pricing maturity levels and which applies to your organization

  • Set pricing objectives based on the product lifecycle and market dynamics

  • Evaluate 17 different pricing models that are commonly used by organizations

  • Run sensitivity analysis to estimate how demand changes as a function of price

  • Determine total unit cost including both fixed and variable costs

  • Calculate optimal price to maximize gross profit, revenue or sales

  • Monitor indicators of repricing potential, including market, product and competition indicators

  • Run repricing experiments to refine pricing over time

  • Design a distribution and channel partner strategy to distribute your products

  • Understand the value-add of channel partners and how to utilize them

  • Build a direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel to own end-to-end online distribution

  • Define clear DTC channel targets that take into account customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost

  • Identify third-party distribution channels that extend segment reach and geographic coverage

  • Track and forecast sales against pre-defined targets

  • Address potential root causes of not meeting sales targets using sales driver trees

  • Design a sales strategy that maximizes targets, leads, conversions, and retention

  • Optimize the sales funnel and identify areas of "leakage"

  • Measure sales performance using a balanced scorecard

  • Diagnose the maturity of your marketing function and where to improve

  • Define your brand identity and how to be perceived by customers

  • Build an ideal marketing mix based on your customer personas and segments

  • Utilize both above-the-line and below-the-line marketing campaigns to achieve different goals

  • Understand how to use technology and data to improve marketing outcomes

  • Run marketing experiments to improve marketing ROI over time

Consulting-quality slides for you to drag and drop...

...supported by powerful but easy-to-use Excel models

What frameworks are included?

  • Customer persona canvas

  • Double diamond research process

  • SCAMPER product ideation framework

  • New-Old Matrix

  • Pain-Gain Matrix

  • DVF Framework

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Product business case

  • Product targets one-pager

  • Customer perceptual map

  • Feature > Advantage > Benefit > Value Framework

  • Product Positioning Canvas

  • 5-stage pricing strategy framework

  • Pricing maturity levels

  • Product lifecycle / maturity curve

  • Supply and demand curves

  • Price makers vs price takers

  • Pricing model tree (17 pricing models)

  • Competitor pricing maps

  • Customer value maps

  • Dynamic pricing matrix

  • Channel partner distribution types (intensive, selective, exclusive)

  • Channel partner distribution methods (direct, hybrid, indirect)

  • DTC unit economics driver trees

  • Distribution partner business case

  • Sales revenue driver tree

  • Marketing funnel / customer purchase funnel

  • Elevator pitch worksheet

  • Client stakeholder matrix

  • Prospect prioritization worksheet

  • Sales team balanced scorecard

  • Kapfere's Brand Identity Prism

  • 5-Ps Marketing Mix

  • ATL-TTL-BTL marketing campaigns

  • Customer persona canvas

  • Marketing experience evaluation worksheet

  • Digital marketing funnel

  • Marketing channel control spectrum

Industry research and data to support your presentations

  • Don't waste time conducting research and analysis to support your arguments

  • This toolkit comes with real-world data and insights that you can use in your presentations

  • Example: Analysis showing that pricing is the most effective way to drive changes in EBITDA

Excel models and calculators to use in your analysis

  • Don't create complex Excel models and calculators from scratch

  • This toolkit comes with pre-built Excel models and calculators to speed-up and simplify analysis

  • Example: A pricing calculator that optimizes price for any given level of demand.

Powerful frameworks used by top-tier consultants

  • Don't agonize over creating new frameworks, processes or mental models

  • This toolkit comes with powerful frameworks that are used by Fortune 500 companies and consulting firms

  • Example: A 6-stage product development process with clearly-defined outcomes and enablers

Value Proposition & Go-To-Market Toolkit

132 PowerPoint Slides | 23 Excel Sheets | 38 Frameworks

★★★★★ 4.9 (33 reviews)

Templates, tools, frameworks, and storylines to create a value proposition and go-to-market for your own organization or client.

100% money-back guarantee. If you purchase the toolkit and it is not what you expected, then we will refund your money within the first 30 days, no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating 4.9 (based on 33 reviews)

Verified Customer Reviews

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James P, Washington DC

This toolkit is amazing! Instead of spending 2 weeks creating a value proposition deck, we were able to get a draft finished in 3 days.

Verified Customer

Paula D, Melbourne

I feel like I have the power of a McKinsey or BCG consulting team. This toolkit unlocks so much value for us.

Verified Customer

Tracey S, New York

There are so many slides, templates, and frameworks here that the toolkit pays for itself many times over.

Verified Customer

Paul E, Boston

The toolkit is our consulting cheat code. Whenever we get stuck, we dive into the toolkit. Without question, there's always a useful slide or two.

Verified Customer

Steven T, Leeds

I bought this toolkit for personal use. The slides have been a great way to impress my managers and differentiate myself from my peers.

Verified Customer

John L, Boise

There are a lot of junk slide decks out there... but this isn't one of them.

Verified Customer

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