Slide Science: An Online Think-Cell Course

Build think-cell slide decks with clarity and impact

Turn a blank canvas into a polished slide deck that is clear, persuasive, and supported by bulletproof logic. Just like a seasoned consultant.

An example of a Think-Cell slide in the Slide Science online think-cell course
Have you ever stared at your blank slide canvas and didn’t know where to start?

We’ve all been there. You know you need to get these slides finished.

But you just can’t figure out how to translate all of your data and insights into clear and compelling slides. Your mind is blank.

You’ve spent hours trying different slide designs. But you scrapped them halfway through. Too many false starts, too much wasted time.

What if you had the skills to confidently build slides that were guaranteed to hit the mark?

But there’s a better way. If you understood the hidden science behind building clear and compelling slide decks, then you could:

  • Stop wasting time building slides and then realising they are no good because you’ll have a repeatable slide building framework for every project
  • Stop staring at your blank canvas wondering how to visualise an insight because you’ll know exactly how to use Think-Cell to design compelling visuals
  • Stop wondering whether you’ve missed something important because you’ll know how to craft a bulletproof logical argument that cannot be refuted

In fact, you could build a reputation as somebody that gets results with clear, persuasive, executive-ready slide decks.

Introducing Slide Science

What is Slide Science?

Slide Science is a complete PowerPoint course for anybody who uses Think-Cell. We cover the complete process from a blank slide to a finished deck:

  • Structuring your PowerPoint slide deck: Crafting a bulletproof logical argument that is irrefutable, supported by evidence, and leads to your desired conclusion.
  • Transforming insights into charts: Using powerful frameworks to accurately identify the perfect Think-Cell visualisation for any data or insight.
  • Mastering advanced charting using think-cell: Master the features and capabilities for every think-cell chart.
  • Charting best practices and common pitfalls: Understanding exactly when to use chart decorations and other effects.
Quickly turn a blank slide canvas into a CEO-ready slide deck

Over 3+ hours of course content that helps you organise your thinking, structure your slides, visualise any insight, and deliver faultless slide decks.

Chapter 1

Craft your slide deck’s logic and storyline

Pyramid Principle
  • Understand the universal structure of professional slide decks
  • Synthesize your data and insights into a bulletproof deductive or inductive logical argument
  • Refine your logical argument using the Pyramid Principle and the MECE Principle

Chapter 2

Structure and layout your individual slides

Structuring Think-Cell Slides
  • Translate your logical argument into a persuasive ‘dot-dash’ storyline
  • Write sharp slide headlines that communicate your storyline
  • Master the most common  and effective slide layouts, and know when to use them

Chapter 3

Apply best practices for visualising insights

Building charts in Think-Cell
  • Understand how to support your slide headlines with logical arguments and data
  • Learn how to always choose the correct chart for any data or insight
  • Master the key components of a good chart and common mistakes to avoid

Chapter 4

Introduction to think-cell for charting

Advanced Think-Cell charting
  • Introduction to think-cell menus, features and functionality
  • Inserting and formating charts using think-cell

Chapter 5

Comprehensive guide to think-cell chart types

Think-Cell waterfall chart
  • Master every think-cell chart type: bar, column, line, area, mekko, waterfall, scatter, bubble and Gantt charts
  • Visualise comparisons, differences and growth rates
  • Automate charts with dynamic Excel links

Chapter 6

Reviewing and finalising your slide deck

Think-cell slide structure
  • Master the key principles of writing short, punchy text in slides (and how to remove redundant text)
  • Writing an introduction and reference your slides
Learn simple but powerful frameworks that give you an unfair advantage

We teach you how to apply simple frameworks that strategy consultants from McKinsey, Bain and BCG use to build bulletproof slide decks.

Framework 1

The Pyramid Principle

Pyramid Principle

Structure your thinking to craft a logical and persuasive slide deck

Framework 2

The MECE Principle

MECE Principle

Organise your arguments to be simple for others to understand

Framework 3

Charting Decision Tree

Choosing the right chart

Effortlessly select the most appropriate chart for any data

Who is the course for?

Slide Science is for anybody who uses Think-Cell to communicate with slide decks. Most of our participants are either:

  • Strategy and management consultants who need to quickly deliver highly quality slide decks for clients
  • Corporate professionals who want to accelerate their career by improving their ability to influence using slide decks
  • Startup teams who want to improve how they position and pitch their company in a way that investors understand
What are people saying?

We are still finishing the Slide Science course but we’ve been sharing videos on YouTube for a while now. Here’s what people are saying… 

Slide Science testimonial
Slide Science testimonial
Slide Science testimonial

Join the waiting list to save 50%

We’re currently building the course, so jump on the waiting list to find out when it’s done.  Once the course is ready, we are giving everybody our waiting list a 50% discount on the course. Of course, there’s no obligation to join.

Frequently asked questions

I can’t afford Slide Science, is there anything I can do?

Absolutely, there are two ways you may be able to reduce the cost of Slide Science: 

  • Corporate training budget. Consider asking your employer to cover the cost of the course under your training budget. We will provide an official tax invoice, can discuss bulk discounts, and our money-back guarantee also extends to corporate customers.
  • Tax deductibility. In many countries, professional training courses may be tax deductible, as long as the course relates to your current work activities. Consider speaking to your tax advisor for advice on whether this applies to you. If it does, you may be able to deduct the cost of Slide Science.

What if I purchase and then realise Slide Science is not for me? Is there a refund policy?

We care more about your success than taking your money. If you enroll in Slide Science and it is not what you expected, then we will refund your money, no questions asked.