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The Business Strategy & Consulting Template Pack

Your personal repository of project-ready slides designed by strategy consultants to level-up your projects and presentations.

Invoices can be provided for company reimbursement


Common business and strategy topics


Pre-built PowerPoint slides and templates


PowerPoint shapes and elements


Business, technology and finance icons


Strategy frameworks and one-pagers

Trusted by thousands of executives, consultants and freelancers

What if you had the same slide templates used by top strategy consultants?

Most of us, when we start a new project, we start from scratch.

We build a brand-new project plan, we run bespoke analysis, we build custom PowerPoint presentations, and we structure unique frameworks.

But that's dumb. 🤦🏻‍♂️

We shouldn't be starting things from scratch.

Every project has been seen before. Every problem has been solved before. Every slide has been built before.

Strategy consultants know this.

Top firms maintain a private database of existing slides that are proven to work and they use them repeatedly ...and now you can have them too.

Mika Thurston

The sheer scale and quality of this slide pack is mind-blowing. It covers every slide you could possibly need for a corporate or consulting slide deck. Plus they look so professional and are very easy to customize.

Feb 11, 2024

You will learn the simple, repeatable science behind building the perfect slide deck every time

Strategy consultants have turned presentation-building into a science. 

They have created a methodology and refined it through thousands of real client cases.

We teach you the theory

We give you a repeatable methodology

We give you templates

We give you shortcuts and cheatsheets

You'll be able to:

Confidently build slide decks that always hit the mark

Build close relationships with senior executives

Deliver high quality work and get on the career fast track

What's inside the Business Strategy & Consulting Template Pack?

When you think about it, no business problem is new...

There are only a handful of ways to enter a new market. There a limited options for any go-to-market strategy. And there's a well-known playbook to implement an organizational redesign.

So there's no reason to build new slides for every new project.

Instead, you need a repository of pre-built slides that have been designed by experts and are proven to work.

That's the Business Strategy & Consulting Template Pack.

In the template pack, you get an extensive library that contains slide templates, content, and frameworks from top strategy consultants. 

It covers a broad range of business topics, so you're guaranteed to find material that you can easily drop into your presentations.

The template pack allows you to:

    Build best-practice presentations (without years of experience)
    Steal the thinking of top-tier consultants (without effort)
    Design slides in minutes (not days)

    Preview the template pack

    Take a look at some of the slides, content and frameworks that you’ll get in the pack. Fully editable and customizable.

    176+ consulting-style slides that cover the most important business topics

    The pack contains slide templates and content that covers all of the most common business topics and challenges:

    Chapter 1

    Overall company strategy

    • Strategic priorities and initiatives
    • Strategy-on-a-Page (SOAP)

    Chapter 2

    Market & Competitor Analysis

    • Comparative industry analysis
    • Competitor mapping and landscape
    • Trends and forecasts

    Chapter 3

    Financial Performance

    • Current state analysis
    • Financial forecasts and scenario analysis

    Chapter 4

    Product & Value Proposition

    • Target market definition
    • Product ideation, development and prioritization
    • Positioning strategy

    Chapter 5

    Pricing Strategy & Optimization

    • Pricing objective definition
    • Pricing strategies and approaches
    • Pricing analysis and optimization

    Chapter 6

    Go-To-Market Strategy

    • Distribution models comparison
    • Channel partner strategy
    • Sales funnel and driver tree analysis

    Chapter 7

    Sales & Marketing Strategy

    • Brand identity and marketing mix
    • Marketing campaign definition
    • Marketing funnel analysis

    Chapter 8

    Organizational Design

    • Spans, layers, and structures
    • Current state analysis
    • Target operating model and implementation planning

    Chapter 9

    Project Management & Planning

    • Business cases
    • Project plans and kick-off documents
    • Implementation plans

    Who is this template pack for?

    The template pack is designed for anybody who create slide decks that need to impress and influence senior stakeholders. This includes:

    Corporate professionals

    You work in a corporate role and want to influence senior executives and stand out.


    You work as a consultant and want to improve the quality of your deliverables for clients.


    You are graduating soon and want to start your career in a corporate or consulting role.

    Professional PowerPoint templates

    Best-practice templates from top strategy consultants

    Never stare at a blank slide and think "where do I even start?"

    You’ll have a personal database of consulting-quality slides build by experts that you can use in any project.

    Instead of creating slides from scratch, you can simply open the pack, find the perfect slide, and drop it in your presentations.

    You're guaranteed to find something that you like. Plus, you'll know that the slide is high-quality and follows best-practices.

    Drag-and-drop into your project

    Ready-to-use and already filled with high quality content

    Most template packs are contain empty slides that are filled placeholder content.

    But that's useless! You still need to do all the hard work -- the thinking.

    Our pack doesn't just contain blank slide templates. The slides are pre-filled with high-quality content from by top strategy consultants.

    You'll be able to shortcut the thinking and steal directly from business experts.

    Trusted research and data

    Real-world data from reputable published sources

    It can be a pain to find data to support your presentations and storylines.

    So instead of having to search through publicly available sources for the data you need, we've collated it for you.

    Our pack contains industry research and real-world data from highly trusted sources that you can use in your projects.

    Plus, all the data is clearly and accurately cited so you can review the source firsthand. 

    Align with your company branding

    Match your company brand with a few simple clicks

    We provide the slides for you, but rest assured that they still look like you created them.

    Our pack is 100% customizable, so you can match the brand guidelines of your organization with a few simple clicks.

    You can easily adjust the templates, fonts, colors, logos and more through PowerPoint's native Slide Master.


    The 1.5 hour video course that teaches slide theory (with practical examples)

    Yes, this is our online PowerPoint course. But, unlike other courses, we don't focused on the boring theory of slide-building.

    Instead, you’ll learn something much more important...

    You'll learn the simple, repeatable science behind building the perfect corporate or consulting slide deck. Ready for senior executives.

    Not only that -- you'll be taught using examples of real-world consulting presentations and by working through real examples live in video.

    By the end of the course, you'll have the complete slide-building toolkit, just like strategy consultants at McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

    And, no matter what problem or topic you're given, you'll be able to confidently build killer slide decks that are guaranteed to hit the mark. You'll never look at a blank slide and think "where do I even start!?"

    You will be able to:

    • Structure slide decks like a top-tier consultant. Master the universal structure of any slide deck using Minto's "Pyramid Principle".
    • Craft a bulletproof storyline and argument. Write a persuasive storyline using inductive logic, deductive logic, and the SCR structure.
    • Use blueprints to build slides better and faster. Build slide decks using the "table principle".
    • Always choose the best chart or visualization. Effortlessly choose the most compelling chart for your data and present it persuasively.
    • Write compelling slide text is sharp and punchy. Avoid common slide text mistakes to ensure that your text supports your visualizations.
    • Ensure that your slides have consultant-level flow. Improve flow across slides, so your reader effortlessly follows your thinking.

    Course Syllabus

    Module 1: Structuring the Slide Deck

    Understanding the three main sections of a slide deck
    Applying the Pyramid Principle
    McKinsey example
    Crafting inductive and deductive arguments
    Applying the MECE Principle
    Worked example
    Mastering the universal slide deck structure

    Module 2: Crafting the Storyline

    Setting the objective of your slide deck
    Writing and positioning an SCR storyline
    NASA example

    Module 3: Building Individual Slides

    Understanding the Golden Rule of slide building
    BCG example
    Writing compelling action titles
    McKinsey example
    Mastering the 6 most common slide layouts
    Bain example

    Module 4: Visualization & Charting

    Choosing the most appropriate chart for your data
    Decision tree
    Applying best practices for charting
    Understanding how to use chart decorations effectively

    Module 5: Using Text on Slides

    Sharpening slide text using the DDR Method
    Worked example
    Avoiding common writing mistakes

    Module 6: Slide Deck Flow & Consistency

    Maintaining consistency across slides
    BCG example
    Linking and grouping slides
    Oliver Wyman example

    Module 7: Executive Summaries

    Mastering the 3 principles of executive summaries
    BCG example

    This template pack could help change the trajectory of your career

    Creating compelling presentations is a career cheat code. Just take a look what others have to say:

    Jenny O'Connell

    This pack is amazing! Instead of spending 2 weeks creating a value proposition deck, we were able to get a draft finished in 3 days.

    May 16, 2024

    Mark Hambley

    I feel like I have the power of a McKinsey or BCG consulting team. This template pack unlocks so much value for my team.

    May 1, 2024

    Denise Thompson

    There are so many slides, templates, and frameworks here that the pack pays for itself many times over.

    Apr 26, 2024

    Maria Jancev

    The toolkit is our consulting cheat code. Whenever we get stuck, we dive into the toolkit. There's always a useful slide or two.

    Apr 25, 2024

    Yumiko Ono

    Highly recommend this toolkit to anyone in consulting. The professionally designed slides have added significant value to my projects.

    Apr 7, 2024

    Marco Russo

    The toolkit is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their presentations. The slides are beautifully crafted and ready to use.

    Mar 22, 2024

    Jen Lawrence

    The Business Strategy & Consulting Template Pack is a brilliant investment.

    Mar 20, 2024

    James Chong-Sun

    My slides are better than ever. And my colleagues have no idea how I do it!

    Mar 9, 2024

    Laura Mickelson

    The variety of slides and their quality have exceeded my expectations.

    Feb 26, 2024

    Cici Wang

    I've been using this toolkit for a few weeks, and the difference it has made is remarkable. The slides are high-quality and easy to customize.

    Feb 23, 2024

    Sergio Cruz

    This template pack has been a fantastic addition to my consulting resources. The slides are polished and have saved me a ton of time.

    Feb 5, 2024

    Haley McGuire

    Top-notch template pack! The slides are fantastic and have saved me so much preparation time while enhancing the quality of my work.

    Feb 1, 2024

    Plus, you'll get free bonuses!

    Not only will you get 200+ slides in the template pack, you'll also get a library of almost 1,000 PowerPoint shapes, icons, and example presentations.

    Bonus #1

    A library of 500+ PowerPoint shapes, elements and graphics

    Bonus #2

    Over 950+ unique business, tech and finance icons

    Bonus #3

    An archive of 125+ real-world consulting presentations

    John Paulson

    The Business Strategy & Consulting Pack is the best $299 I've spent on my business in a long time. I'm going to keep using it and recommending it to every person I know.

    Jan 21, 2024

    A one-time purchase of $299 will save hundreds of hours building slides

    Don’t stare at a blank slide and think “where do I even start?”, simply open the pack, choose a slide, and drop it into your presentation.

    4.97 rating (173 reviews)

    The Business Strategy & Consulting Template Pack

    9+ business and strategy topics
    176+ pre-built slides and templates
    24+ frameworks and one-pagers
    527+ PowerPoint shapes and elements
    953+ PowerPoint business icons
    125+ real-world consulting decks
    Free updates forever!
    Payments are secure and encrypted

    Frequently asked questions

    What makes your templates different from others I can find online?

    There are plenty of PowerPoint template packs full of pretty slides and layouts. But those slides lack the content and the thinking that makes your presentation impactful.

    With the Business Strategy & Consulting Template Pack, you get slides that:

    • Not only look professional, but also follow consulting best-practices.
    • Are full of content, including real-world research and data from reputable sources.
    • Contain frameworks used by top strategy consultants.

    Basically, you get consulting-quality slides that are ready to be dropped into your presentation -- but without the consulting price tag!

    Can I customize the templates to suit my company’s brand?

    Absolutely, you can customize the colors, fonts, logos, and more with a few easy clicks. 

    Are these templates ever updated?

    Absolutely, we review the template pack regularly and often add new slides and/or topics. If you've purchased the template pack and would like to request a particular topic, just email dan@slidescience.co

    Do the templates work in Google Slides?

    The template pack is designed for Microsoft PowerPoint. In most cases, you can import them into Google Slides without issues. However, you might need to re-build some charts and adjust the layouts slightly.

    I want to purchase other products too, do you offer any bundle discounts?

    Absolutely, just email dan@slidescience.co with the products that you'd like to purchase and we will share a bundle discount.

    What is your refund policy?

    Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds at this time. However, we are confident that you'll get lots of value from the template pack!

    Do you provide receipts or invoices for company reimbursement?

    Yes we can. Just email dan@slidescience.co after you've purchased and we will share a receipts/invoice.

    What if I still have questions?

    No problem, just email dan@slidescience.co at any time 😊