How to Make Strategy Slide Decks: The Complete Guide
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Building Strategy Consulting Slide Decks: The Complete Guide

Learn how to turn a blank slide deck into a comprehensive strategy presentation. We cover everything you need to know, including crafting arguments, writing storylines, charting, conceptual slides, and more.

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Learn how to build slides like an experienced strategy consultant

We break down real-world slide decks from McKinsey & Co, Bain and BCG to unpack how they craft compelling slide decks.

  • Day 1: Structuring your slide deck using the "Pyramid Principle"
  • Day 2: The 3 principles for writing killer Executive Summaries
  • Day 3: The anatomy of exceptional slides
  • Day 4: How to select the best chart for your data every time
  • Day 5: The "Draft, Drain, Refine" process to write sharp slide text