Think-Cell waterfall chart with comparison column
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Ultimate Guide to Waterfall Charts in Think-Cell

In this article, we teach you everything you need to know about waterfall charts in think-cell. We cover inserting, adding data, formatting, stacking segments, comparison columns, and much more!

Adding A Total Column To A Waterfall Chart In Think-Cell

In this article, we show you two simple ways to add a total column to your think-cell waterfall chart, and optionally how to disconnect the total from the rest of the chart.

Add partitions to a scatter chart or bubble chart in Think-Cell
Add a Colored Partition to Bubble & Scatter Charts in Think-Cell

Partitions are extremely useful to highlight segments of your scatter or bubble charts. In this tutorial, we show you how to add partitions in Think-Cell.

Paste activity labels in Think-Cell Gantt charts in bulk
Bulk Paste Activity Labels Into Think-Cell Gantt Charts

It can be quite painful typing out activity labels in a big Gantt chart. In this tutorial, we show you how to quickly paste activity labels from Excel into your Think-Cell Gantt chart in bulk.

Multi-select shortcuts in Think-Cell
Four Quick Multi-Select Shortcuts In Think-Cell

The most experienced Powerpoint users are able to build slides really quickly using shortcuts. And one of the most useful shortcuts is selecting multiple elements. In this tutorial, we’ll…

Add a secondary y-axis in think-cell
Add Two Y-Axes To A Think-Cell Line Chart

How to add two y-axes to a Think-Cell chart: Step 1. Insert a chart that contains a line Firstly, add a new Think-Cell chart to your PowerPoint slide canvas….

Think-Cell CAGR Arrow
How To Use CAGR Arrows In Think-Cell

What is a CAGR arrow? CAGR (or compound annual growth rate) is a measure of growth over time. In most cases, CAGR is used to show the annual growth…

Save individual PowerPoint slides using think-cell
Save Individual Slides Using Think-Cell

How to save individual slides in think-cell: Step 1. Select an individual slide in the PowerPoint slide pane On the left-hand side of PowerPoint, you will see a pane…

Think-Cell log scales
When and How to Use Log Scales in Think-Cell

What is a log scale? A typical scale on a chart is linear, which means that the scale increases by a unit of addition. On a really basic chart,…

A Guide To Every Chart Arrow In Think-Cell

Arrows in Think-Cell can be confusing. In the article, we show you how to use total difference arrows, level difference arrows, CAGR arrows and series CAGRs.

Think-Cell Dynamic Fill Automation
Dynamically change the fill color of a Think-Cell chart

How to dynamically change the fill color of a Think-Cell chart : Step 1. Highlight your Excel data and insert a Think-Cell chart First, ensure that your data is…