How to Write a Go-To-Market Strategy Slide (with Examples)

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What is a go-to-market strategy?

A go-to-market strategy defines how your organization will engage with customers to maximize sales productivity and growth.

It typically includes:

  • Distribution strategy: How and where you make your solution available to customers  (e.g. online, brick-and-mortar store, resellers, brokers, etc)
  • Marketing strategy: How you identify and engage with your potential customers through marketing channels (i.e. what is the marketing mix?)
  • Sales strategy: How you structure and enable your salesforce to meet business targets
Value Proposition vs Go-To-Market Slide
How the go-to-market fits into the business strategy (from the Slide Science Value Proposition & Go-To-Market Toolkit)

What is a go-to-market strategy slide?

A go-to-market strategy slide summarizes an organization’s overall go-to-market strategy, and covers distribution, marketing and sales. It usually follows the value proposition, which cover the product, price and positioning.

Typically, the go-to-market strategy requires multiple slides to communicate effectively. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the strategy be a standalone PowerPoint presentation.

Example key takeaways slides

Check out some examples of go-to-market strategy slides from top consulting firms.

BCG Go-To-Market Operations Slide
Example BCG Go-To-Market Operations Slide. Source: BCG
Bain Go-To-Market Capabilities Slide
Bain Go-To-Market Capabilities Slide. Source: Bain


Kearney Go-To-Market Transformation Slide
Kearney Go-To-Market Transformation Slide. Source: Kearney
LEK Go-To-Market and Commercial Excellence Slide
LEK Go-To-Market and Commercial Excellence Slide. Source: LEK

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