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It’s great to learn the techniques that strategy consulting firms like McKinsey & Co use to build compelling slide decks (e.g. executive summaries, the Pyramid Principleaction titles, etc.)

But sometimes you just want to see McKinsey presentations to see how those techniques are applied in the real world.

The problem is that it’s quite hard to find good-quality McKinsey presentations. Most of them are commercial in confidence and, even if they’re not, they’re scattered all over the web.

These are the same presentations that we’ve used to populate our consulting slide library. All of these consulting presentations are available in the public domain. We’ve just rounded them up for convenience, and we’ll continue to add more decks as we find them.

You can download the full set of McKinsey presentations (plus an additional 100+ presentations from BCG, Bain & Co, Kearney, Oliver Wyman, L.E.K, and more) using this form:

Or if you’d rather download the McKinsey presentations individually, you’ll find a list for you to download below:

Downloadable McKinsey Presentations & Slide Decks

If you’d like to download more consulting decks from BCG, Bain, L.E.K Consulting, Oliver Wyman, Kearney and more, then check out our free database of 71+ downloadable consulting presentations.

Learn how to build slide decks like McKinsey

If you’d like to learn the tools, techniques and frameworks that McKinsey uses in the slide decks above, check out our course:

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