Save Individual Slides Using Think-Cell

Save individual PowerPoint slides using think-cell

How to save individual slides in think-cell:

Step 1. Select an individual slide in the PowerPoint slide pane

Save Individual Slides in Think-Cell. Step 1: Select slide on slide pane

On the left-hand side of PowerPoint, you will see a pane that contains a chronological list of all your slides. Left-click on the slide that you would like to save.

Step 2. Navigate to the Think-Cell menu and select ‘Save Slides’

Save Individual Slides in Think-Cell. Step 2: Navigate to save slides

On the PowerPoint ribbon menu, click Insert, then navigate to the think-cell menu and click the menu item that says ‘Save Slides’.

Step 3. Click the radio button to save selected slide only

Save Individual Slides in Think-Cell. Step 3: Click Selected Slides Only

At the bottom of the save slides windows, ensure that the radio button for ‘Selected slide’ has been selected. This will ensure that Think-Cell saves your selected slide only, not the entire presentation.

Step 4. Select the file format and save the slide

Save Individual Slides in Think-Cell. Step 4: Choose file format

Click on the dropdown ‘Save as Type’ and select the format to save the slides. The most common options are .pdf and ppt.

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