About Slide Science

Our goal is to help people communicate better using PowerPoint, particularly in corporate and consulting environments.

To achieve this, we write comprehensive articles on building high-quality presentations and offer online courses and PowerPoint template packs. And we strive to produce the most well-researched, practical, and informative content on the internet.

Who we are

Slide Science is run by me — Daniel Galletta. I spent the first five years of my career as a management consultant at a global firm and in internal strategy at a major bank.

Over that time, I’ve built hundreds of PowerPoint presentations, ranging from simple project update packs to complex Board presentations. And I’ve been fortunate to refine my craft with feedback from colleagues and managers from firms like McKinsey & Co, BCG, and Bain & Co.

How we earn money

Slide Science earns money through the sales of online courses and digital products, as well as through commissions on products purchased using our links to retailer websites. However, we work with total editorial independence. Commissions do not determine which products we recommend; our recommendations are made through independent research, testing, and experience.

In fact, there is no incentive for us to pick inferior products that pay us high commissions. If a reader refunds their purchase because they are unhappy with the product, then we don’t receive any commission. But even more importantly, if a reader is unhappy with our recommendations, we lose trust and lose the support of our readers.

How you can contact us

If you have any questions or just want to say “hi”, then please reach out! I love hearing from readers of Slide Science. Just shoot an email to dan@slidescience.co and I’ll get back to you right away.