Who is Deloitte?

Deloitte (also known as Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited) is the largest “Big 4” global professional services firm by revenue.

It was originally founded in London in 1845. Since then, it has acquired or merged with a number of other firms, including Arthur Andersen and Monitor Group. As of 2022, it operates in 150 countries and has 334,000+ employees. 

Deloitte operates a number of distinct practices, including audit, tax advisory, consulting, risk advisory, transaction services, and others.

Deloitte service lines

Deloitte has built a reputation as the most prestigious Big 4 consulting practice. Unlike the other members of the Big 4, Deloitte did not sell its consulting arm in the early 2000s when the Sarbanes-Oxley law was passed in the United States.

When audit revenues started falling in the early 2010s, Deloitte already had a mature consulting practice, whereas other members of the Big 4 had to build up or acquire other consulting firms. 

Since then, Deloitte has consistently outranked other Big 4 consulting practices in terms of both size and prestige.

The recruitment process at Deloitte

The recruitment process at Deloitte has the following stages:

  1. Application: The candidate applies to an open role through the Deloitte careers page (or through the graduate recruitment pipeline).
  2. Initial screening: The application is reviewed by a Deloitte Talent Acquisition Specialist. If you are successful, a member of the Talent team will usually contact you within 2 weeks.
  3. Talent acquisition team interview: The first interview will be with the Talent team. They generally focus on motivation questions, behavioral questions, and they’ll dive into your background and experience.
  4. Case interview: If you pass the Talent interview, you’ll then interview with the service line (team) that you’re applying for. For consulting roles, you’ll typically be asked to complete a market sizing or traditional case study.
  5. Partner interview: The final round is a Partner interview. Partners generally focus on your motivations and technical experience. They are looking to see if you’d be a good fit for the team.

Of course, there is some variation in the recruitment process across different countries and for different roles (e.g. graduate hire vs experienced hire), but it broadly follows the process outlined above.

Deloitte’s admission rate

Back in 2012, Deloitte claimed that their admission rate is approximately 3.5%, which would make it more competitive than Harvard.

The article has been taken down, but you can view a screenshot of it below:

Deloitte's admission rate is 3.5%

Many astute readers noted a few problems with Deloitte’s comparison with Harvard. 

The biggest problem is that the number of applications for Deloitte is much higher than Harvard. Applicants to Harvard are self-selected, meaning that most people don’t bother applying because they know they won’t be accepted.

Although the comparison to Harvard is pretty clumsy, it’s fair to say that Deloitte does have a reasonably low acceptance rate. It’s much higher than strategy consulting firms like McKinsey & Co, but probably slightly more competitive than the rest of the Big 4.

Roles and levels at Deloitte


At Deloitte, Analysis is an entry-level role for candidates with an undergraduate degree.

You will work with a team of 3-5 Consultants, Senior Consultants, and Managers. You will support the case team with research, analysis, and building slide decks.

Key data points:

  • Average years of experience: ~0-1 years
  • Average Analyst salary (base salary + bonuses): ~$82,490 USD


At Deloitte, Associate is a role for candidates with a postgraduate degree (e.g. MBA) or candidates that have been promoted from Analyst.

As a Consultant, you will have some of the same responsibilities as an Analyst. For example, you will still be conducting research, analysis, and building slide decks.

However, compared to an Analyst, you will work more independently and be given more complex analytical tasks. You will also guide and mentor Analysts with their tasks.

In addition, Consultants get more client-facing time than Analysts. It’s not uncommon for Consultants to lead meetings or interviews with clients.

Key data points:

  • Average years of experience: ~2-3 years
  • Average Consultant salary (base salary + bonuses): ~$98,150 USD

Senior Consultant

At Deloitte, Senior Consultants are responsible for owning a stream of work within a project and accountable for the deliverables related to that stream. 

Senior Consultant is a key transition point where you go from “doing the work” to “reviewing the work” of others. Therefore, there will be a mix of both doing and reviewing, depending on the nature of the engagement.

Key data points:

  • Average years of experience: ~3-5 years
  • Average Senior Consultant salary (base salary + bonuses): ~$149,720 USD


At Deloitte, Managers typically lead small engagements or large workstreams of large engagements. 

You will lead a team of Analysts, Consultants, and Senior Consultants who will conduct research, analysis, and build deliverables. You will be responsible for ensuring their work meets the client’s needs.

As a Manager, you will need a strong grasp of project management. You might also start directly managing people outside of your project team.

Key data points:

  • Average years of experience: 5+ years
  • Average Manager salary (base salary + bonuses): ~$186,150 USD

Senior Manager

At Deloitte, Senior Managers are responsible for leading large engagements. 

You will lead a team of Managers, who will be responsible for workstreams within the engagement. You will need a strong grasp of complex program management.

Much of your time will be spent alongside the client, ensuring that the project is meeting the client’s needs.  

At this level, you will also be expected to take an active role in recruitment, internal training, and supporting Directors and Partners with business development efforts.

Key data points:

  • Average years of experience: 8+ years
  • Average Senior Manager salary (base salary + bonuses): ~$244,300 USD


As a Director, you will start to become less involved in the day-to-day delivery of projects, and more involved with client management and business development.

At this stage of your tenure with Deloitte, you will start to focus on 1-2 specific industries and/or functional areas. You will have business development targets and meeting these targets will be an important pre-requisite for promotion to Partner.

You will work also across multiple projects simultaneously, and provide guidance to the Senior Managers and project teams. At the same time, you will focus on building relationships with clients.

Key data points:

  • Average years of experience: 10+ years
  • Average Director salary (base salary + bonuses): $364,300+ USD


As a Partner, you are firmly focused on building deep “trusted advisor” relationships with clients. You help clients identify areas where Deloitte support would be most valuable, scope the work, and set up the project team.

Partners have business development targets and are expected to win work for the firm.

Although Partners are not closely involved in the day-to-day work, they regularly provide insight and guidance for the most challenging aspects of projects.

Key data points:

  • Average years of experience: 13+ years
  • Average Partner salary (base salary + bonuses): $475,350+ USD

Complete Deloitte salary data

How Deloitte calculates total compensation

There are a number of different components that make up Deloitte salaries, depending on the role and level.

The most typical components include:

  • Base salary: Standard salary-based compensation, excluding any benefits or bonuses.
  • Bonus: Calculated based on individual and firm performance and paid once per year.
  • Profit-sharing: Most commonly offered to more senior roles (e.g. Partner) and will usually make up the majority of total compensation for those roles.

Deloitte salary table

In the table below, we calculated the average Deloitte salary for each role and level. 

For these calculations, we captured over 135 unique Deloitte salary data points, and then confirmed the accuracy by interviewing current and former Deloitte employees.

If you’d like to compare Deloitte salaries with other consulting firms, check out our McKinsey salary data and Accenture salary data.

Role Title Base Salary Bonus Total Salary
Analyst $77,890 $4,600 $82,490
Consultant $89,650 $8,500 $98,150
Senior Consultant $129,720 $20,000 $149,720
Manager $165,400 $20,750 $186,150
Senior Manager $204,500 $39,800 $244,300
Director     $374,300+
Partner     $475,350+

Please remember, these are salaries are calculated from publically available data sources. They may be slightly out-of-date and are only representative of salaries in the United States.