What are the BCG Bridge Programs?

The BCG Bridge Programs are immersive recruiting workshops to support non-traditional students make the transition to full-time management consulting roles at the Boston Consulting Group.

There are two BCG Bridge Programs with very similar names:

  1. Bridge to Consulting (Minority Undergraduates) supports applicants from minority communities who want to experience opportunities as a BCG Associate.
  2. Bridge to BCG (Advanced Degree Holders) supports non-MBA postgraduate students who want to switch transition to consulting. This program is similar to the McKinsey Insight Program.

Bridge to Consulting: Minority Undergraduates

The BCG Bridge to Consulting Minority Undergraduate Program is a two-day workshop that is designed for members of marginalized minority communities, specifically African-American, Latino, Hispanic or indigenous students wanting insight into the world of a BCG Associate.

Over the two-day workshop, attendees get the opportunity to:

  • Meet key industry executives and consultants
  • Discover the nature of BCG and their work (check out some real-world BCG presentations)
  • Engage in interview prep to hone their skills as an interviewee
  • Build a network of meaningful connections with like-minded people from all over the country

Eligibility Criteria

Students in their freshman or sophomore year at registered US and Canadian universities, who belong to minority groups are all eligible to apply.

Application Process

Applications are made through the BCG portal online. You will be asked to provide the following documents relevant to your selection process:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter: this is optional but encouraged if you want to show initiative
  • College transcripts
  • ACT or SAT scores, with a sub-score breakdown (for U.S. students)
  • Your first 3 office preferences, in order of your level of interest

Application Deadline

Deadlines are usually in March every year, since the workshop is in spring. Check the BCG website for the official deadline.

Bridge to BCG: Advanced Degree Candidates

The Bridge to BCG Program for Advanced Degree Candidates is a workshop that is designed for applicants with advanced degrees and who are considering making a transition to consulting (e.g. Ph.D., J.D., M.D., etc).

The workshop spans three days, generally beginning at the end of spring or summer, in time to be able to start working full-time later in the season. There are four different locations across America, and you’ll attend the nearest location to you.

BCG Bridge to Consulting Workshop Flyer
Official flyer of the BCG Bridge to Consulting Workshop in 2020

Eligibility Criteria

The BCG Bridge to Consulting Advanced Degree Program is open to candidates who are studying in or associated with US or Canadian hospitals and institutes.

A candidate should be:

  • An advanced degree holder hoping to enroll in a full-time position in the current or next year
  • An existing student of Ph.D., J.D., M.D., postdoc, MBA, medical resident or currently practicing doctor
  • A current Master’s student holding one of the above-mentioned degrees

If you do not fit any of these criteria nor have a typical MBA but have more than one Master’s degree, you should confer with the recruitment team to check whether you still qualify as an advanced degree holder.

Application Process

Applications are through the BCG portal online and divided into three parts.

  1. Application: your application for Bridge to BCG should be a simple, professional résumé highlighting your management-related skills. A cover letter is not essential. There are many resources online to help you write an impressive résumé, including BCG’s own Résumé Writing Workshop.
  2. Pymetrics test: This is a game-based test that utilizes artificial intelligence to gauge your range of cognitive traits. You will receive a prompt to play soon after application submission. This stage must be completed within 48 hours for your application to be accepted.
  3. Video interview: This is a one-way interview (i.e. there is no interviewer) and it takes up to one hour. Once you log in, you will receive three behavioral-type questions (e.g. “why do you want to work in consulting?”) and be given time to formulate your answer, which is then timed at a limit of 3 minutes and recorded for a BCG recruiter to watch later. This also has to be completed within a strict deadline of 48 hours after the email prompt is sent.

Applicants are usually notified of acceptance within a month, and those accepted will receive further guidelines.

Application Deadline

The deadline is usually in February and the workshop commences in spring. Check the BCG website for the official deadline.

Tips for Applicants

  • Set yourself apart from the crowd. Like in any good program with limited spots, the recruiter will encounter hundreds of applications. Make yours memorable.
  • Bring your best self. A consulting firm like BCG is looking for consultants who are quick on their feet and can solve problems in a high-pressure environment. Demonstrate that by highlighting the skills that make you a good consultant: communicating with difficult clients, projecting confidence in your interview, taking charge of tough situations.
  • Prove your passion. Switching from an academic field to the high-stakes world of consulting isn’t easy. Make sure that you demonstrate that you can make the transition and are clear in your choice to pursue consulting as a full-time career.
  • Be specific. Read up on the firm’s background and current affairs so you can discuss them and show the recruiters that you’re serious about this position.